Can’t decide which wedding setting is right for you? In this article, we’ll share our insights on each type to help you determine the one that best reflects your wedding day vision.

A large part of your wedding day vision is determined by the setting you choose, whether it’s an opulent ballroom, a private estate or a church that’s of family significance. While for some couples the choice is easy, for others, it can be a toss up between two..or even a few! So to help you decide, we’ve offered our take on some of the most popular wedding types and who they’re most suited to.


With stunning chandeliers, atmospheric up-lighting and soft drapes, ballroom setting weddings are the epitome of glamour. They’re ideal for large, multicultural wedding celebrations when you have a few hundred guests, as well as for couples who want to be able to decorate the space in their own, distinct style.

Ballrooms are often associated with a hotel or resort, meaning you can also book a suite to capture your getting ready images and don’t have the stress of commuting between different venues. They’re also within a climate-controlled environment, so come rain or come shine, your wedding celebrations will go off without a hitch!


With the sea breeze billowing in your veil and your feet sunk into the sand, beach weddings are what dreams are made of. Palm-backed sands and breathtaking sunsets make for incredible photos, with a more relaxed ambiance than some other wedding settings.

Beach weddings are ideal for intimate celebrations with just your closest family and friends or laid-back ceremonies where shoes are definitely optional! But they require an optimistic mindset and flexible planning approach, with the weather having a big impact on what is and isn’t possible.


If you or your fiance is of the Christian faith, then a church wedding setting is the most logical place to exchange vows and say “I do”. Not only are you marrying in front of your family and friends but also in the House of God that’s of significance to you.

A church wedding allows you to incorporate the rites and rituals that are integral to your faith while being led by an officiant who may have known you for years. The ornate details, stained-glass windows and religious iconography of a church only add to its evocative setting, all of which will be incorporated into your ceremony photos.

But remember, a church setting only takes care of your ceremony, with the opportunity to go for a completely different vibe at your reception venue.


A private club wedding is ideal if you want everything to happen in one place, with many doing what’s known as a “flip” to transform the ceremony venue into a reception space. To a certain degree, private clubs are like a blank canvas for couples to add their unique touch, with decor that reflects your style and wedding day vision.

Depending on their size, private club weddings tend to be more intimate events while the controlled environment means they’ll take place as planned, no matter what the weather is like outside. Many private clubs are also set within stunning gardens or boast rooftops that provide plenty of locations for couple portraits, bridal party portraits, and family formals.


If you want the peace of mind that you’ll have exclusive use of your venue (and won’t run into another bridal couple), then a private estate wedding might be the way to go. They often encompass lavish mansions or private villas that ooze luxury, with plenty of opportunities to customise your day by selecting the decorations and catering you prefer.

Most private estates boast magnificent landscaped gardens that are ideal for wedding day portraits, with few restrictions on where you can go, as well as gorgeous interior spaces to work with. Often they can easily be transformed to cater for either intimate wedding parties or large-scale events, all while retaining their unique atmosphere.


If you want logistical ease, with everything in the one place, then a resort wedding ticks all the right boxes. You won’t lose time driving from one location to the next, which means you can maximise your portrait time in the resort gardens and courtyards.

A resort wedding setting can easily be selected for its aesthetic, whether you want over-the-top luxury or a casual, beach side feel. You can easily add your touch to the ceremony and reception venues or let the resort’s in-house team of wedding planners work their magic if you prefer to be completely hands-off.


If “whimsical” or “rustic” are words that come to mind when you envision your dream wedding, then a vineyard setting might be your calling. They’re usually set within sprawling vineyards that surround charming towns where gastronomy and boutique experiences reign supreme.

A vineyard wedding setting is an ideal excuse for a mini-destination wedding, with your family and friends joining you for a night or two of relaxation in the wine country of your choice. You can take advantage of the alluring selection of both indoor and outdoor spaces for photography, with magical sunset lighting to work with.

And did we mention that fine wines and gourmet cuisine come standard? It’s all part of the wine country lifestyle.

“An amazing experience – thank you Kraig, Chris and the team!

You definitely created the experience we wanted and made everything so easy from set up, picking the layout to tunes. Nothing was too difficult. On the day the dance floor was always packed – we (and all of the wedding party) had an amazing time – I think the pictures prove!

Thank you for being part of our special day!”