Hiring a photo booth company for your wedding has become incredibly popular. Not only will they entertain guests during “downtime” but they create plenty of fun photos to help remember your special day.

While you might think that one photo booth company is the same as the next, this couldn’t be further from the truth. They vary widely in terms of reliability, professionalism, and photo quality, which could be the difference between a highly memorable addition to your wedding and a total money-wasting experience.

In this article, we’ll share with you 7 things to consider before booking a photo booth company for your wedding so you can get the best bang for your buck.


Firstly, you need to establish a realistic budget that you’re willing to spend on a photo booth company for your wedding, then look for packages within that price range. A standard photo booth package will probably include a set number of hours, delivery and assembly, plus a variety of backdrops and props. It will probably also include unlimited prints for the duration of your wedding and digital copies of the photos.

The more expensive the photo booth is, the more add-ons it will probably have, such as an attendant, guest book facilities, and music. If the rate seems too good to be true, it probably is, with sub-par quality images or additional costs for what would normally be included in a standard package. Carefully check what is and isn’t included, then go with a company that offers a complete yet affordable package within your price range.


A photo booth is a photo booth, right? Wrong! There are a whole variety of different types available, which range in size, theme, and design. Enclosed photo booths are a fun option for vintage-themed weddings if you want a touch of nostalgia for those days when you and your besties crammed into a photo booth at the local shopping mall.

Open-air photo booths are usually bigger and can handle a greater capacity of people, with the option to decorate them to suit your wedding day theme. It’s also possible to hire an Insta photo booth where guests take pictures on their phones and can post them directly to social media with your unique wedding day hashtag.


When you’re browsing photo booth companies for your wedding, you’ll see that most come with an attendant who operates the equipment and is in charge of assembling and dismantling it. It’s possible to find operator-free photo booths if you’re wanting to save a little money, but it’s important that you find one with easy-to-operate equipment that your guests can use.

To be honest, however, it’s better to find an affordable package that includes an attendant as they will be able to handle all of the technical logistics, such as replacing the print media when required and printing off extra copies on request. They’ll also help to encourage guests to use the photo booth and get playful with all of the provided props.


Speaking of props, it’s these accessories that really set a photo booth apart from the images your professional photographer will capture throughout the day. A good photo company will have a wide range of backdrops and props that you can select from to compliment your wedding day theme. From oversized glasses to playful signs and silly hats, browse the props that each company offers until you find one that inspires you. It may be possible to add your own props if there are special mementos you want to include or request custom backdrops for a surcharge.


If you go with a budget photo booth company for your wedding, chances are the images will be taken with a cheap camera (even a webcam or tablet) that produces low-quality results. Always check the company’s sample photos to ensure that they are up to standard and don’t be misled by stock photos that are sometimes used to promote companies offering too-good-to-be-true rates.

You want to be sure that the images on their websites are actual photos taken in their booths so you know what you’re getting for your money.


One of the best things about having a photo booth at your wedding is the instantaneous prints, which provide a great souvenir for your guests to take home. Most photo booth rentals will print two strips per session (one for the couple and one for the guests) but you may be able to request additional prints if you want to create a guest photo book. 

It’s a good idea to find a photo booth with fast-printing services so your guests aren’t left hanging around waiting for their photos when they could be on the dance floor. Most photo booths will offer print strips in a range of designs so you can find one to match your wedding stationery. Additional services that may be offered include videos and GIFs, as well as digital copies of all the photos for you to keep.


Perhaps the most important thing to consider before booking a photo booth company for your wedding is their reputation and online reviews. Ask for recommendations from friends who’ve recently wed or browse the reviews on the social media pages of any companies you’re considering. It’s here that you’ll discover whether they’re reliable (or prone to cancel at the last minute) and how easy they were to work with. If their reviews have been hidden, that’s a red flag that they’re probably not a good choice. And if they’re coming from people living abroad,there’s a high chance they’ve been “bought”.

With a little research, a clear understanding of what’s included, and a whole lot of flair, a photo booth at your wedding will be a decision you won’t regret!

“An amazing experience – thank you Kraig, Chris and the team!

You definitely created the experience we wanted and made everything so easy from set up, picking the layout to tunes. Nothing was too difficult. On the day the dance floor was always packed – we (and all of the wedding party) had an amazing time – I think the pictures prove!

Thank you for being part of our special day!”