Our Backdrops

Chrisco Productions

We have a vast selection of Photo Booth Backdrops available or we can make one custom for you!

Round Tulips Backdrop

Rose Florals Backdrop

Overhead Florals Backdrop

Gold Glitter Backdrop

Rose Gold Glitter Backdrop

Silver Gold Glitter Backdrop

Silver Heart Back Drop

Rainbow Unicorn Backdrop

VIP Red Carpet Backdrop

Chesterfield White Leather Backdrop

White Paper Flower Backdrop

Pink + White Hearts Backdrop

Rustic Floral Wood Backdrop

Tropical Backdrop

Gold Sparkle Backdrop

Love Cartoon Backdrop

Las Vegas Backdrop

Light Florals Backdrop

Mr & Mrs Backdrop

1920’s Style Backdrop

Art Deco Backdrop

Plain Blue Backdrop

Dollar Bills Backdrop

Ghost Hands Backdrop

Ghost Eyes Backdrop

Red & Gold Sparkle Backdrop

Spooky Pumpkin Bacckdrop

Spider Web Backdrop

Gold Marble Backdrop

White Backdrop

Spooky Eyes Backdrop

Red & Gold Sparkle Backdrop

Spooky Pumpkin Bakdrop

Orange Cartoon Backdrop

VS Backdrop

White Backdrop

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