Photo Mosaic Wall

Draw a crowd, turn heads and watch as everyone in the room vies to be part of the bigger picture

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Photo Mosaic Wall

Combining the best of photo technology with the magic of mosaics, the Photo  Mosaic gives everyone the chance to get in on the fun and puts your brand firmly in the spotlight. Perfect for brand activations, the Photo Mosaic Wall is designed to make an impact!

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How It Works

The Photo Mosaic Wall is created by curating images from your guests in the room and online. Everyone is encouraged to interact with your brand as they share images from their phones or capture a picture-perfect selfie from a Chrisco Productions photo booth.

Images are then printed off as stickers in the perfect hue for the overall mosaic. Interaction is guaranteed as users must find and place their image on the right spot in the mosaic to complete the overall image!

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the bigger picture

Choose your mosaic image

Let your guests be a part of a bigger picture. Choose the right photo and let your guests take photos on the day and slowly build up to the big picture. This will become a talking point of your event and you will be left with a masterpiece!

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upload station

Add another Photo Booth

Add another Photo Booth in another part on the venue to entice even mroe participants from different areas of your event. The booth will snap their photo and automatically upload it to the mosaic wall. Think of it as a “Mosaic Upload Station”

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