Relentless Energy are a Coca Cola company energy drinks manufacturer. One of their products is the drink Relentless.

In a thrilling development, the company teamed up with the grime music star Stormzy and launched a campaign in which fans had the opportunity to win an ultimate fan experience if they happened to buy one of the limited-edition cans of the drink.

The drinks featured the official Stormzy #Merky branding and had to also have a unique code. If a fan bought a can with one of these codes, the lucky winner would be able to party with Stormzy.

Relentless Energy asked ChrisCo Production to support one of their promotional events at Thorpe Park Resort with some of our amazing photo marketing technology.


This was an exciting project, one of which we were immensely proud to be a part.

We provided the client with our unique 360 Video Marketing Experience and it featured a custom-printed, branded, 20 ft curved backdrop to make the user experience unforgettable.

The backdrop wasn’t the only custom-printed item we supplied the event: our team tailored the printing for the props and we developed a custom-branded video overlay, to bring the whole vent theme and experience together.

Our team utilised the experience to record slow-motion footage for future use during the promotional campaign.

The final marketing element of the project was the inclusion of instant social sharing. This allowed users to share their unique, branded video creation instantly via email, mobile and post on social media.

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This campaign had some big results for the client: brand awareness, a stronger online presence, social sharing (of content) and data collection within GDPR.

Meanwhile, lucky fans out there were able to hang around one with one of their music heroes. This was a superb collaboration with significant results for the client.

“Working with Chrisco Productions really helped to boost our brand awareness and we saw a lot of activity on social media, not to mention create even more excitement in a campaign that already had a major buzz around it.

We were overjoyed with the results and we’d definitely recommend other brands hire a booth if it suits their campaign!”